Snackesurf hits Jibtopia
During our little road trip in North Carolina we hit Jibtopia Wakepark for a while. A really fun park with tons of stuff to hit! We had a great time there, enjoy the video!
Video from Conquer the Coast, a kite video competition held in Sweden 2013, the goal was to complete as many of the set missions as possible, all from surfing naked to do advanced tricks. Not a very windy season so we had a bit hard time completing all of the missions but most of them was done.
A foggy morning in Fagersta
The Liquid Force 2014 gear just arrived so we gathered the Swedish LF-team in Fagersta Cable Park for some filming
An intense wakeboard video from a short vacation, hitting cables around Sweden and Denmark and a bit of sailing.

The summer began with Hallifornia, a festival in Varberg with a wakeboard comp, King of the Castle, I got lucky in the final and won! Then we headed to Breddas Backyard for watching another comp and ride a bit.
After that we headed north, to Surfbukten and the festival Storsjöyran in Östersund, had a blast up there, such a nice place!
Then out sailing for a bit, brought a board and did a bit of riding behind the boat, fun but should have been a bigger crew to use the boat properly.
To finalize the vacation we headed to Copenhagen for a short visit, hang out in the park for a bit.
Now back to normal life in the office and back to riding in the Lagoon...

Thanks to all the people to hang out with and help with filming!
Video from the cable-wakeboard competition held in Lagunen Cable Park 8th June 2013.

More info about the park at http://lagunencablepark.se


Mens Open
1. Andreas Kjærgaard
2. William Klang
3. Johan Wikström

Ladies Open
1. Judith Hoppe
2. Maria Jorlén
3. Julie Lüchow

Mens Intermediate
1. Magnus Ling
2. Petter Svensson
3. Kristoffer Lillbacka

Mens Masters
1. Peter Sands
2. Nicolai Perdrup
3. Martin Gustavsson

1. Linda Dewill
2. Maja Mindelsholm
A weekend in Fagersta Cable Park shredding and having a good time. NoComply brought Liquid Force gear for testing and stood for the bbq... We hang out, rode, watched WTL and just had a great time!
Mostly filmed by Carl Dewill.

really quick edit on the boat down to Germany...
Philgood Grande Finale
The best of two worlds, metal handrail over concrete stairways in the cable and a bamboo wedge in the lagoon. This years trip to the Philippines was really nice even that I was struck by a lumbago the week before going there.

Riding by Nils Heuman, Linus Thuresson, Elias Pellby and Emil Åmand Christensen

Thanks to: Franco Gerio, Bagasbas Lighthouse, Ramon, Emil Åmand Christensen, Karl Herman, Chris Eastwood, Martin Klcovansky.

Philgood Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2MGsDCMiLU
Philgood Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHGdwU2hlOI
We teamed up with the Aldén family and went to Idre fjäll for a week in the slopes. Nothing special, just riding having a good time, realizing I've spent too little time on the snowboard the last years, kind of unstable nowadays...

testing out filming with 550d and a diy follow focus rig, works ok for lifestyle
Finally back on track after a few days of wakeboarding in Hip-Notics cable park. Nils, Linus and Marcus slamming and throwing some new stuff in Turkey.
Not much riding this autumn due to a finger injury but after a few days riding it felt pretty good, except that the body was sore...
Short video from a couple of sessions this summer kiteboarding in Varberg, Sweden
Compilation of the season 2012 in Lagunen Cable Park, Härryda - Göteborg.

Thanks to all who helped filming, mostly Linus Thuresson
Another cable trip to Germany, 200 miles and five parks were hit. The concrete in Bricks were the favorite. Enjoy this rail riding video.
SnackeSurf crew: Nils, Wind, Linus
Parks: Norderstedt, Langenfeld, Blaue Lagune, Bricks, Damp
Had an awesome day in the Lagoon Cable, my friends arrived in the afternoon so I took another set. Tried to save a bad landing but got the handle wrong and my finger got twisted...
Three fractures and distortion on the ring finger so now I'm looking forward to three weeks in plaster and another three to get the strength back... I hope to be able to ride one handed in a week or two
shit happens...
Not very gangsta but pretty damn disco...

Wind Kristensson
Per Lind
Nils Heuman
Linus Thuresson
Marcus Roden
Elias Pellby


Lina Bertilsson
Kim Hjelm
Short edit from an early kite session this morning, constantly nailing, felt pretty good to pack down a dry kite and go to work after an hour surf!
Mini edit showing the local 2.0 system in Gothenburg which now is up and running!
The system is located in Härryda close to Landvetter airport, it's maintained by http://nocomply.se and there will be plenty of obstacles to ride during the season.
During Coastal Culture, a surf event held in Varberg, a 2.0 cable system was setup behind the Fortress of Varberg. The Wakeboard Park stayed two weeks after the event and attracted a wide range of people.

With the city center and the beach nearby, along with a popular walking strip passing by and the fortress as a background the park places as a top actor along the Swedish cable parks.

Come on Varberg! This is the place for a permanent cable park!

Join the facebook group for a Cable Park in Varberg
Vinch railjam in Lund, pretty nice setup with a decent drop. Damn nice event and a great party too,

Camera: Linus, Nils, Ida, Lina, Laura, Johan, Emil, Volkan

Nils, Linus and Marcus heading to Germany on a cable trip checking out the parks in Pinneberg, Hamburg and Rostock. Enjoy another travelstory!
Plenty of Time - Philly12
A Travel Story from the Philippines 2012, wakeboarding and kiteboarding with friends, five Chapters:
Camsur Watersport Complex, The Waterfall, The Island, CWC Fanfare, The Winch Park.

Camera and Riding

Nils Heuman
Marcus Rodén
Elias Pellby
Mimmi Carlsson
Laura Wätte
Ida Danielsson
Nick Wijdeven
Emil Åmand
Mickey Henry

also thanks to

Fruit Mama

and all other people i met on the trip
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